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The Natal Chart

At the exact moment of your birth, the planets, their signs, their aspects to each other, and their house placements all aligned to create a message about your potential in this lifetime. It's called your natal chart. Every natal chart illustrates talents and challenges. This reading focuses on how to access the full measure of your gifts, including ones about which you may not be fully aware, and how to use those talents to transform your trials into treasure.

From the beginning, right there in your natal chart, your family-of-origin emotional themes are present. These dynamics may play out in your life as draining, repetitive emotional reactions and behavior patterns.

From a transformational viewpoint, these seeming conflicts are actually part of your lifetime opportunities. This reading brings to the forefront your ability to work through those difficulties. Recognizing your true nature, with its inherent creativity and unique mental and spiritual tools, can help you actualize your strengths and create greater joy.

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